High-resolution genome-wide transcriptomics analysis of O. dioica development

GEO Series: GSE39568

Experiment type: Expression profiling by genome tiling array

Summary: The developmental transcriptomics of every significant developmental stage of O. dioica at ultra-high resolution.

Overall design: 18 samples were included, each in technical triplicate (and one with 4 replicates). These samples included 12 developmental time-point providing high-resolution interrogation of the complete animal life cycle. A further 3 samples specifically interrogated adult ovary, testis and somatic tissues. Finally, 3 samples were included that covered animal transcriptomics response under restrictive conditions that induce developmental growth arrest.

CitationG. Danks, C. Campsteijn, M. Parida, S. Butcher, H. Doddapaneni, B. Fu, R. Petrin, R. Metpally, B. Lenhard, P. Wincker, D. Chourrout, E.M. Thompson, and J.R. Manak. OikoBase: A genomics and developmental transcriptomics resource for the urochordate Oikopleura dioica. Nucleic Acids Research, 41(D1), 2013.