The developmental transcriptome

NARFig2Two groups at the Sars Centre have played a central role in establishing O. dioica as a new marine model organism. Generating genomic data is an essential part of furthering this effort. As part of this, and in collaboration with the Manak lab at the University of Iowa, we generated transcriptomic (tiling microarray) data across the entire 6-day life cycle of O. dioica and developed OikoBase, a resource for the community exploring gene regulation in this animal.

Selected publications

G. Danks, C. Campsteijn, M. Parida, S. Butcher, H. Doddapaneni, B. Fu, R. Petrin, R. Metpally, B. Lenhard, P. Wincker, D. Chourrout, E.M. Thompson, and J.R. Manak. OikoBase: A genomics and developmental transcriptomics resource for the urochordate Oikopleura dioica. Nucleic Acids Research, 41(D1), 2013.